Thursday, November 18, 2010

Facebook: The New Threat to Marriages...?

Rev. Cedric Miller (AP Photo/Asbury Park Press)
This is the second post I've done in a few weeks regarding social networking. This time it's marriage. Rev. Cedric Miller states about twenty couples from his church have experienced marital problems because of Facebook. He wants to ban Facebook in his church for married couples.

If you know anything about me, you know that I have a deep belief in marriage. In though I'm not married yet I believe marriage is good. The unity of man and woman is right and obviously plays a major role in the circle of life. What I do not believe is that a person should ban a social networking site UNLESS there has been a specific problem in that marriage due to the site.

Let's be real, FACEBOOK IS NOT THE PROBLEM. PEOPLE ARE. Hear me out on this. I use Facebook frequently, everyday actually. With the current movie I'm shooting I use Facebook constantly to contact my actors and find new ones as well as chatting with friends. Facebook is an awesome utility, but not a living breathing person. It makes no moral choices. If you know that your spouse is either a skank or simply not good at controlling their desires then FB may be a problem, but for many normal people, it's not.

Before you jump down my throat consider this. If you decide to cheat on your spouse or vice verse because you met someone on Facebook then you probably would've done it with someone you met in a coffee shop or bar or wherever. Let's be real, it's who you are as a person....a cheater. That's it. Don't run and blame Facebook. IN FACT if you cheat with someone on the street or cheat with someone you work with you can blame it on impulse. If you've been chatting someone up on Facebook everyone knows you planned it. You can say you didn't but you, me your husband/wife and everyone else knows it.

It's like when you go out and tell yourself you're not going to drink too much or whatever your vice is, but you know you're going to drink too much. If you have to tell yourself not to do something it usually means you're going to do it. If you didn't want to do it, you simply wouldn't or you'd avoid it. People know when they're going to screw someone.

If I'm in a relationship, you know how I avoid cheating? I simply don't do it. Keep in mind I deal with gorgeous women all the time (the fun part of directing indy action/horror films) so it's not like women aren't around. So what's the problem? 

Simple. People always want what they don't have. If we have a good husband or wife and we see something else that looks better we suddenly want to throw it all away. Websites like frequently cite how people have met their affair partners online either at Facebook, on line dating sites or adultery sites that cater to married people with little moral fiber. But no matter what these people all had on thing in was their decision. No one forced them into an affair like some kind of bad Cinemax erotic thriller.

We are a people raised on disposables so some of us don't understand stuff like our spouses (humans) aren't disposable razors or throwaway cameras. When we make those vows many of us haven't thought of their meaning and many don't care. The wedding is a means to an get what you want right now and then throw it away when done.

Many people want to get married, but have no idea what marriage is. They want to get married but not be a wife or husband. When marriage gets hard then the "me" affect kicks in, which is, "How does this affect ME." Being one in the flesh is a religious concept therefore no longer politically correct. So "ME" is the marriage. Many marriages are based on the person falling in love with someone (a selfish emotion) versus loving someone (unselfish giving). 

So yes if you find your husband or wife is secretive about their Facebook or feel they can't give you the password because of their "privacy" being invaded of course they're up to no good. You need to find out what their hiding. (Before you jump on my back consider the fact spouses share bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc, but Facebook passwords are over the line? Sure, dude, whatever). But in a marriage where people know why they're there and know who they are and can simply decide to do what's right (not "What's right for them," but what's right for the marriage) Facebook isn't a problem. And if it is they can usually make a good decision about what to do about it.

To break it down, and listen to me good: If Facebook causes a problem in your marriage, your problem is bigger than Facebook. The cold hard truth. Peace.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What happened to the vote?

Republican John Boehner by Jack Gruber, USA Today
As I sit here reeling from the elections results I must come out and say the following... Why did this happen? One reason comes to my mind strong and clear- fear and anger?

Let's talk about fear first. When Obama became president it  instilled fear in the racist element in this country and thus the Tea Party was born. If they were so interested in cleaning up the Republican Party why did they not do it during Bushes time? No, they began their grass roots theme during the Obama election.

With the help of FoxNews - which is not a true news programing in the sense of journalistic thoughts - who fueled the forces into a frenzy fraught with lies and untruths. In addition to FoxNews, Sarah Palin come to the scene and spewed her falsehoods and lies that the fearful now angry people believed.

In the first two years of Obama presidency, he did not concentrate on the immediate problems, economy and jobs. Instead, he took on healthcare where it took one year to complete.

He caved in to the Republicans in healthcare concerning the public option, the Afghan war still continues, Guantanamo still exists, plus numerous other items that brought the Progressives frustration. While talk shows on both sides crucified Obama daily.

As fear turned to anger with the Republicans, and the anger grew with the Democrats, it set the stage for a volatile event,  the election. With fear you do not need the truth. The perpetrators just say anything and it is believed by the fearful. Death squads for granny were chanted from coast to coast, and believed!

 So the Right did not have to do too much to instill anger, after fear it comes easily. The Right did not have to give a platform for what they would do if elected. Just the same-o -same-o.
With anger in the Democrats their commitment to Obama had reduced itself down to apathy.  Many refused to vote. They were going to teach the Democratic leaders a lesson.
Their anger was ignored which was the problem in the first place. The Progressives felt betrayed, ignored, and dejected.

So, we had two groups of angry constituents, Democrats and Republicans. They Republicans won because of anger and their uncanny ability to band together and vote as one. Democrats lost because of anger and not sticking together. What have we learned from this situation?
If you want to win stick with your group no matter what.

I believe all politics are "personal" not "local," that idea was for the 50's when community mattered. Politics have become personal today because of the circumstances we find ourselves. Who today knows someone who has lost a job? Who has had their hours cut back? Or worst, who themselves have lost a job? People worry about taxes, Social Security, the economy in general and how it relates to their lives.

What can we Democrats do?

Not doubt about it, this is WAR. Yes, Mr. Obama the Republicans are the enemy, but not in the revolutionary sense. We are at war with their ideology. The Republicans are all in lock-step with each other and rest assured that is the manner to which they will vote.

Our party needs a voice, a bigger voice in the media, you know an equivalent to  Foxnews. Without it we are dead. Oprah, where are you? Build a news studio for the progressive movement. Please!

Then we must build an army of core, hard core progressives. They should target youth, the retirees, women, military, everyone. We should again use the Internet to go viral on any topics we choose especially public relations, because the White House has by far the worst PR in history.

Let us have another progressive march but not only Washington D. C. We need to have simultaneous marches in all the major cities. We need to show the Republicans when they say ... "the American people", they only mean Republicans. We have to show them our support of the president.

Lastly, Mr. Obama is a nice man, an intellectual, and truly caring human being. As my mother tells me, I am an intellectual, a nerd, and I have no common sense. (Even mothers can be wrong.) If I could grow a couple of balls you can. When Mr.  Banner shoves it up your ass are you not going to say anything until you feel it in your throat, Mr. Obama? I feel it in my throat. I have it up to here.
I am glad for one thing Nancy Pelosi was the only one with the fortitude to see all the bills through. Thank you Nancy.

And Glen Beck, eat me!