Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wow, Taylor Chapman! Over a Receipt? Really?

I don't know really know what to say here. I'm not one whose quick to cry racism or even call someone a racist without all the facts, but I do know, that Taylor Chapman doesn't like people of Arab decent, nor Indians who look like they may be of Arab decent. (Nithi is more likely an Indian name).  Obviously she likes black guys... if they're rappers, considering her sad attempt to flirt with Ludacris.

Now I do tend to have some fun at the expense of how some young women with advanced degrees act toward others with less education, but how pathetic do have to be to get to the point where you're using your BA in business as an excuse to berate an $8 and hour worker at a Dunkin Doughnuts? At least have the decency to have a masters like the other women who try to use their advance education as a way of proving they are better than you. (Or know more than you even when they have no real experience in said field outside of what they learned in class).

What I'm more concerned about is Chapman having access to space ships and weapons of mass destruction. Obviously she's fully prepared to colonize Mars and on top of that apparently can command nukes at her leisure. Also she seems to be prepared to go on her Mars trip alone as surely her boyfriend/fiance will second guess her when she says she's going to give him food that been tainted with urine or whatever and has no problem putting this up online for all to see.

Seriously though, was Chapman drunk, high, just a dumb racist or all of the above? Or was this a desperate plea for attention, to have us do what we're doing? Talk about her. She is an actress, but the Happywok commercials she's starred in have been pulled from Youtube. Right now no one will probably hire her in the business world, but entertainment is a different animal. In fact if one can't be loved, they can be hated and create fame from that hate. Isn't that what's she's really done? I mean you don't have to do much to be celebrity now days. Kim Kardashian is mainly famous for being a hot chick who has sex with famous black guys and look how far she's gotten. But if nothing else, Kim K. is indeed hot, which is a commodity in Hollywood. Is there a market for a crazy, average looking, not so great actress whose only claim to fame is she's an asshole who throws around random racial slurs and awkwardly flirts with rappers? Like a low budget racist Kim Kardashian. I'm sure their is. And if push comes to shove she can always run for something as a Republican candidate in Florida.