Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Does Chick-Fil-A Have to be Politically Correct?

Photo by Mike Stewart / Associated Press
Chick-Fil-A is an openly Christian chain of restaurants. With that being said, they believe gay marriage is a sin. Because of this stance Boston's Mayor Thomas M. Menino said “Chick-fil-A doesn’t belong in Boston. You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population. We’re an open city, we’re a city that’s at the forefront of inclusion,” Menino stated to the Boston Herald.

I'm not going to get into a religious debate, only point out that the problem here is, this is illegal. See, a business like Chick-Fil-A has a right to a belief. Menino stating that Chick-Fil-A is discriminating is an insinuation and not a fact. Unless there is evidence Chick-Fil-A is either not hiring gays or not serving them or giving them poor service (as a company policy or practice) there is no grounds for stating or insinuating that they discriminate. That could be grounds for a slander lawsuit.

There is nothing in the law that says business owners must believe any specific thing. You have Christian business owner, Atheist business owners,  gay business owners and the like. But there is nothing that says one has to believe or disbelieve a religious idea. So today's lesson will be about the way the free market works.

Chick-Fil-A,  is a chain of restaurants that openly espouse Christian values and ideologies. They don't hide it and it's been part of the company's identity for years. The way the free market works is that if a Chick-Fil-A comes to your town and you don't agree with their beliefs, then you don't shop there. If enough people don't shop there then the restaurant closes. Simple. So gays and gays supporters have to convince people they are right and that people shouldn't patronize their chains. The problem is, many people do agree with their stance and will still shop there as is their right.

BUT, the Mayor opens the city up for a lawsuit, because they are encroaching on Chick-Fil-A's religious freedom by openly discriminating against them. If the Mayor doesn't know this maybe he should take a class in business law. (I used to work for a Corporate Counsel law firm). It is unconstitutional and illegal for the Mayor to block Chick-Fil-A on the basis that they're religious beliefs don't fit into what he feels is the proper political mold.  It is Chick-Fil-A, that is being discriminated against.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Racist Hunger Games Reactions Shouldn't be a Suprise...

http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17hn9qiqrfj3ojpg/original.jpgFirst I have to ask racist HG fans who do I have the permission to play? As an actor who also writes sci-fi I have to ask: If I can't play a black character who can I play without you getting pissed off? For years white people have played everything from Native Americans, Asians and even African Americans. So here we are in 2012 and people are shocked they allow such atrocities as allowing black actors to play dark skinned people.

I have to point out the connection of racism and illiteracy by the way. Either you can't read, or was it that you figured characters who are specifically described as having dark skin can't exist in Sci-Fi so the writer had to mean tan white person versus possible actual dark skinned people. Either way it's still racist or at least prejudice. I will take this moment to chuckle as there seems to be some controvesy about a person on Twitter named @LovelyPlease who some have accused of changing her photo from that of two white girls (I'm assuming her and a friend) to a random black girl after posting “Naturally Thresh would be a black man” and getting heat about it.

First let me point something out, Sci-Fi/Fantasy audiences have some deep rooted racism and I don't know why it runs so deep in those particular genres. Maybe because in fantasy land some people felt they could get away from blacks and people of other color. Even in the writing of great Sci-Fi works such as "Y The Last Man" comic book series (now a collection of graphic novels), where the writers went through everything possible to make sure the "Last Man" would be white and would be the only one to repopulate the earth with a white woman. The possibilities of even a mixed child is carefully eradicated. It's no accident. Either this is the writer's commentary or the editors knew their audience.

And let's remember the controversy over the Captain Kirk and Uhura kiss. Ironically white dudes had been lusting after black women since slavery, so a white man kisses a black woman on television and suddenly it's shocking! Really? Seriously? Some white people acted like it was impossible for something like that to even occur. The reality was some truth was shown and truth rubs people the wrong way.

Another issue was the Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman), who was the first black Dr. Who companion and one of the hotter ones I might add. The fact the production company pointed out she was black was the first mistake as everyone could see she was. But they set the stage for her being the affirmative action Dr. Who companion.

We can all talk about perception. When reading fiction we bring a lot of ourselves to it. In my first book Blackrayne, I had a female character who was Christian and also an artist. She had painted a photo with people burning in a lake of fire. To this a reviewer protested saying the painting was about gays burning in Hell. I actually thought I was crazy, but just to be sure, I reread the passage. It was about a painting about Christian hypocrisy and gays nor homosexuality were mentioned. How she got anything about gays from it was almost impossible. But that is how perception works. But what we bring to it also says something about us.

The idea one would totally ignore the physically description of a character and simply make that character look how they'd want them to look isn't impossible, but it does become both funny and sad, particularly in this case where people were so adamant to the point of hate or emotional hurt. Then again the reviewer was adamant about what she read in my book too. To this day she's never edited her initial review even though I publicly proved her wrong by posting the actual text. Those on her side even voted my comments down so people wouldn't read them.

But are you a racist when you perceive black characters to be white because you can't stand the thought of them being black? Yes. That's what racism is. It's ingrained. Not just the fact you overlooked the physical description, but had such a strong reaction to it because suddenly your perception was changed, but YOU were the one who was wrong. I'm willing to bet these same people still, in some way, believe they're right and people are just picking on them. Or maybe even that the author should never have written about black characters.

And when white Sci-Fi authors are asked why they don't include black characters, the go to answer is "I don't know any black people." These authors don't know any vampires either, but that never stopped one author from putting pen to pad (or fingers to keys). The real answer is "I'm white and don't really think/care about black folks," or simply, "I know some in my audience don't like black folks".

And the Sci-Fi audience is unabashed and very vocal about their racism a times. The reason it was so shocking this time is because the actual characters in question where indeed described as dark skinned, if not for that, these people would believe they have a point in their belief all Sci-Fi characters should be white. I do understand the perception is internal, white folks all over America saw themselves in these characters and suddenly found out, nope it's not you. It's LaTonya down the street.

I wish Edward from Twighlight were black. The series probably would've never made it to theaters and we would've been spared twinkling emo vampires, but I digress.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin Didn't Even Look Like a Thug...

Trayvon Martin wanted to be a cop and had no criminal record.
I mean seriously, look at this kid. Does this look like the face of thuggery in America. Really? So he had on a hoodie. They're quick to throw on and comfortable on day that's too hot for a jacket and too cold for a basic T-shirt. This is the reason most people, black and white wear hoodies. I wear a hoodie on many outtings. Like Martin I tend to enjoy my Arizona Iced Tea and while I haven't torn into a bag of Skittles regularly in quite a long time it's not out of the realm of possibility. So let's say I go on a run for basic snack food, a common enough occurrence, for me that would be an Arizona Iced Tea and probably a bag of Flamin' Hot Limon Cheetos (because I live in a mixed neighborhood, but with a large Mexican population so the Limon version is very popular). This crime against humanity, if George Zimmerman has anything to say about it, is punishable by death. The slow death caused by the chemicals in most snack foods simply isn't quick enough for Zimmerman. If you're a black male and you like to be comfortable while you grab some snacks and a cold sweet drink (we're not even talking about alcohol), watch out, you're a moving a target for our failed police wannabe George Zimmerman. And by the way, I think we can see why he didn't make the force. While other cops are arresting drug dealers and murderers, Zimmerman would be patrolling the junk food isle at the local AM/PM in search of evil black men in hoods, looking for a sugar rush. (You know how us black guys love that sugar rush).

See, to George Zimmerman any black guy is suspicious. Zimmerman's dad says, “George is a Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends. He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever.” Ah parents always think their kids are the best things in the world. So are we to believe Zimmerman simply acted on his hatred for Iced Tea and Skittles? Really? Zimmerman called the police several times and it appears all of the people he reported were random black males, their major crime seemed to be walking or standing in place for too long. Zimmerman is a racist, his actions go far beyond "prejudice" in my book. 

The grand irony is that Martin and Zimmerman both wanted to be police officers, but Zimmerman had a criminal record, one for fighting with police and another for domestic violence, while Martin had no criminal record. Zimmerman may have wanted to keep the neighborhood safe, but he himself seemed to be the threat. A crazy man with a gun. New rule: Stop giving guns to crazy people!

During the phone conversation with 911 Zimmerman says he was indeed following Martin and continued to do so even after being told not to by authorities. In Zimmerman's claim to self defense Martin was following him and attacked from behind. Wait? What? According to Martin's girlfriend, Trayvon called her and told her he was being followed. If Martin did do anything it was within his right! He was being followed by some random crazy dude!

In my opinion Zimmerman just wanted to shoot someone, preferably a black male. The only other option is that Zimmerman was crazy, but by lying to the cops it effectively kills that possibility because it means he knew he'd done something wrong, so he made up a lie. An insane person would see no need for such a thing. This is a case of a man who wanted to shoot a black guy. It's pretty clear cut. And it's pretty shocking, I mean even the KKK hid under sheets and did their acts under the cover of darkness.

And what is it with Florida? Have you noticed they operate above and beyond the law while at the same time creating crazy and unreasonable laws. The "Stand your Ground Law" may make sense in a self defense situation, as some of you know I definitely believe in self defense and the right to bear arms, (particularly to protect one's self from people like George Zimmerman), but are you going to tell me that the cops simply drop the matter even when the evidence shows self defense wasn't the issue. This was murder. Martin wasn't stealing, he wasn't breaking and entering he wasn't gang banging or pushing drugs, so what what happened here? The only option is Zimmerman wanted to kill a black man. He created a reason in his mind to do it and then did it. This case shouldn't even be taking this long to investigate. Prosecute Zimmerman for murder.

Friday, March 16, 2012

KONY is Phony like a Winged Pony!

Get KONY in 2012. Seriously? As you know by now there's a massive push by an organization called "Invisible Children" (whose web address is a .com not a .org, I just noticed that, but that may mean nothing) to stop a random warlord named Joseph Kony. Well what's so special about Kony? Well, supposedly he kidnaps kids and makes them solders or sells them into prostitution. He's killing everybody, cutting people ears off and all sorts of things. He denies this, but either way the point is moot and you'll see why in minute.

So someone, filmmaker Jason Russell I presume, decided our awareness needed to be raised via a viral video ad campaign to "Make Kony famous", but obviously in a bad why. No problem with that in itself, but with the massive amount of hits and support this thing has gotten, myself and others started wondering what's really going on. I've been posting my suspicious on Facebook, and I'm not the only one. There's a lot of people who're smelling a putrid dead rat hiding in the walls somewhere. I'm in agreement with others that we, America, are about to engage another war for oil. We only sent 100 troops, but why did we send any?

The truth of the matter... Joseph Kony has probably been dead for a few years now, but according to Ugandans he's not the problem, Al Qaeda terrorist are. (Anyone remember Al Qaeda, our supposed arch-enemies)? In fact Ugandans also smelled a bad stench when they finally saw the movie. They know something is about to happen and some have even taken to Youtube to tell the truth about the movement.

Now, I have taken shots at the men behind "Invisible Children" and their $90,000 a year salaries particularly Jason Russell since he's the filmmaker and somewhat the face of the operation, but then again Hala G. Moddelmog, the former president and CEO of Komen for a Cure made close to $500,000 in 2009, (in fairness Nancy Brinker, the current CEO is listed as being uncompensated and I say give this woman something, sheesh).

But what we do know is there's oil in them there hills and thanks to Jason Russell, Kony 2012 and a few celebrities, we have reason to go in, kill a bunch of people and take it. Don't be surprised if "new" photos of Joseph Kony start popping up suddenly or video of him threatening America or some silliness.

I don't believe "Invisible Children" is a charity. I believe they're set up by some organization, (Alex Jones believes CIA), to get people emotionally charged about this issue then move in for the grab supported by our kids. I don't have kids, but kids and college students are the targets for this kid of thing. The ground swell of support is massive, but if Ugandan's are saying Kony isn't the problem and is probably dead, then why are we committing 100 troops? Who are we fighting? My official stance on this is that Kony is phony. Now yes, he was/is a real person, but he's not a threat and is again is quite possibly dead. In fact the ICC had dropped all charges against him because, according to them, he is dead.

And check out the video below from a young Ugandan woman, who says it's all shite! And if you search the internet you'll find reactions to the film by actual Ugandans and they don't like it at all.

Alex Jones ripped into Angelina Jolie saying she should be "arrested for war crimes," because of her support of this and all things UN. I understand his point. A lot of people, especially kids, are influenced by celebrities. How much would it take for Jolie to fact check? It took me all of five minutes to find out this was bull. Is she really a globalist? Seems like it. We're going into places, destabilizing governments, and doing as we please to push American and UN interest! That's a not good thing and could only mean trouble.