Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin Didn't Even Look Like a Thug...

Trayvon Martin wanted to be a cop and had no criminal record.
I mean seriously, look at this kid. Does this look like the face of thuggery in America. Really? So he had on a hoodie. They're quick to throw on and comfortable on day that's too hot for a jacket and too cold for a basic T-shirt. This is the reason most people, black and white wear hoodies. I wear a hoodie on many outtings. Like Martin I tend to enjoy my Arizona Iced Tea and while I haven't torn into a bag of Skittles regularly in quite a long time it's not out of the realm of possibility. So let's say I go on a run for basic snack food, a common enough occurrence, for me that would be an Arizona Iced Tea and probably a bag of Flamin' Hot Limon Cheetos (because I live in a mixed neighborhood, but with a large Mexican population so the Limon version is very popular). This crime against humanity, if George Zimmerman has anything to say about it, is punishable by death. The slow death caused by the chemicals in most snack foods simply isn't quick enough for Zimmerman. If you're a black male and you like to be comfortable while you grab some snacks and a cold sweet drink (we're not even talking about alcohol), watch out, you're a moving a target for our failed police wannabe George Zimmerman. And by the way, I think we can see why he didn't make the force. While other cops are arresting drug dealers and murderers, Zimmerman would be patrolling the junk food isle at the local AM/PM in search of evil black men in hoods, looking for a sugar rush. (You know how us black guys love that sugar rush).

See, to George Zimmerman any black guy is suspicious. Zimmerman's dad says, “George is a Spanish-speaking minority with many black family members and friends. He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever.” Ah parents always think their kids are the best things in the world. So are we to believe Zimmerman simply acted on his hatred for Iced Tea and Skittles? Really? Zimmerman called the police several times and it appears all of the people he reported were random black males, their major crime seemed to be walking or standing in place for too long. Zimmerman is a racist, his actions go far beyond "prejudice" in my book. 

The grand irony is that Martin and Zimmerman both wanted to be police officers, but Zimmerman had a criminal record, one for fighting with police and another for domestic violence, while Martin had no criminal record. Zimmerman may have wanted to keep the neighborhood safe, but he himself seemed to be the threat. A crazy man with a gun. New rule: Stop giving guns to crazy people!

During the phone conversation with 911 Zimmerman says he was indeed following Martin and continued to do so even after being told not to by authorities. In Zimmerman's claim to self defense Martin was following him and attacked from behind. Wait? What? According to Martin's girlfriend, Trayvon called her and told her he was being followed. If Martin did do anything it was within his right! He was being followed by some random crazy dude!

In my opinion Zimmerman just wanted to shoot someone, preferably a black male. The only other option is that Zimmerman was crazy, but by lying to the cops it effectively kills that possibility because it means he knew he'd done something wrong, so he made up a lie. An insane person would see no need for such a thing. This is a case of a man who wanted to shoot a black guy. It's pretty clear cut. And it's pretty shocking, I mean even the KKK hid under sheets and did their acts under the cover of darkness.

And what is it with Florida? Have you noticed they operate above and beyond the law while at the same time creating crazy and unreasonable laws. The "Stand your Ground Law" may make sense in a self defense situation, as some of you know I definitely believe in self defense and the right to bear arms, (particularly to protect one's self from people like George Zimmerman), but are you going to tell me that the cops simply drop the matter even when the evidence shows self defense wasn't the issue. This was murder. Martin wasn't stealing, he wasn't breaking and entering he wasn't gang banging or pushing drugs, so what what happened here? The only option is Zimmerman wanted to kill a black man. He created a reason in his mind to do it and then did it. This case shouldn't even be taking this long to investigate. Prosecute Zimmerman for murder.

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