Friday, March 16, 2012

KONY is Phony like a Winged Pony!

Get KONY in 2012. Seriously? As you know by now there's a massive push by an organization called "Invisible Children" (whose web address is a .com not a .org, I just noticed that, but that may mean nothing) to stop a random warlord named Joseph Kony. Well what's so special about Kony? Well, supposedly he kidnaps kids and makes them solders or sells them into prostitution. He's killing everybody, cutting people ears off and all sorts of things. He denies this, but either way the point is moot and you'll see why in minute.

So someone, filmmaker Jason Russell I presume, decided our awareness needed to be raised via a viral video ad campaign to "Make Kony famous", but obviously in a bad why. No problem with that in itself, but with the massive amount of hits and support this thing has gotten, myself and others started wondering what's really going on. I've been posting my suspicious on Facebook, and I'm not the only one. There's a lot of people who're smelling a putrid dead rat hiding in the walls somewhere. I'm in agreement with others that we, America, are about to engage another war for oil. We only sent 100 troops, but why did we send any?

The truth of the matter... Joseph Kony has probably been dead for a few years now, but according to Ugandans he's not the problem, Al Qaeda terrorist are. (Anyone remember Al Qaeda, our supposed arch-enemies)? In fact Ugandans also smelled a bad stench when they finally saw the movie. They know something is about to happen and some have even taken to Youtube to tell the truth about the movement.

Now, I have taken shots at the men behind "Invisible Children" and their $90,000 a year salaries particularly Jason Russell since he's the filmmaker and somewhat the face of the operation, but then again Hala G. Moddelmog, the former president and CEO of Komen for a Cure made close to $500,000 in 2009, (in fairness Nancy Brinker, the current CEO is listed as being uncompensated and I say give this woman something, sheesh).

But what we do know is there's oil in them there hills and thanks to Jason Russell, Kony 2012 and a few celebrities, we have reason to go in, kill a bunch of people and take it. Don't be surprised if "new" photos of Joseph Kony start popping up suddenly or video of him threatening America or some silliness.

I don't believe "Invisible Children" is a charity. I believe they're set up by some organization, (Alex Jones believes CIA), to get people emotionally charged about this issue then move in for the grab supported by our kids. I don't have kids, but kids and college students are the targets for this kid of thing. The ground swell of support is massive, but if Ugandan's are saying Kony isn't the problem and is probably dead, then why are we committing 100 troops? Who are we fighting? My official stance on this is that Kony is phony. Now yes, he was/is a real person, but he's not a threat and is again is quite possibly dead. In fact the ICC had dropped all charges against him because, according to them, he is dead.

And check out the video below from a young Ugandan woman, who says it's all shite! And if you search the internet you'll find reactions to the film by actual Ugandans and they don't like it at all.

Alex Jones ripped into Angelina Jolie saying she should be "arrested for war crimes," because of her support of this and all things UN. I understand his point. A lot of people, especially kids, are influenced by celebrities. How much would it take for Jolie to fact check? It took me all of five minutes to find out this was bull. Is she really a globalist? Seems like it. We're going into places, destabilizing governments, and doing as we please to push American and UN interest! That's a not good thing and could only mean trouble.

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