Saturday, June 7, 2014

Does Anyone Fact Check Zeitgeist?

Does anyone actually try to fact check Zeitgeist's claims? If I made a movie and stated every other religion came from Judeo/Christianity you'd quickly fact check that, but because their isn't as much knowledge about it, you take other people's word for it.

I keep hearing them and no one is asking a basic question, in 2014 where everyone and their momma's religious text is on line, where's the comparable text? As a person who loves both religion and myth this has been annoying as hell. People can pull this BS off because Egyptian and other mythologies aren't as well known as the Greek and Roman. And I know this is going to piss some people off, but aside from people quoting Zeitgeist, while there's minor similarities, most of the connections to Jesus and other deities are forced at best.

Jesus birthday is NOT Dec 25, the Catholic Church did that because other deities birthdays was celebrated on that day. (Pope Julius I this made this the official date).

Horus nor Mithra had 12 disciples, in fact most of the times there's no reference to any ancient (before Jesus) story that states this and no one seems to be able to find it.

Jesus is said to be born of a virgin Mithra is born of a rock. Horus’s mother is Isis. Seriously?  How is that the same?

Horus was never baptized. "Anup the Baptizer" doesn't even exist. Someone made up a character to compare to John the Baptist. That means this is a straight up lie. If you have to make it up... obviously you don't believe your own claim.

Now before you jump on me (what usually happens), do the research yourself. No matter what you believe, if you're making these claims you should be able to find the text that proves these things. NOT quotes from other the actual text itself. The Bible is online and there's various "Books of the Dead" online, so you should easily be able to find those text. But no ancient (before Jesus) versions of these stories exists that state these things. Now other similarities may exist, and you may have other arguments, but these are the big ones people keep using and they are non-existent.

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