Monday, November 15, 2010

What happened to the vote?

Republican John Boehner by Jack Gruber, USA Today
As I sit here reeling from the elections results I must come out and say the following... Why did this happen? One reason comes to my mind strong and clear- fear and anger?

Let's talk about fear first. When Obama became president it  instilled fear in the racist element in this country and thus the Tea Party was born. If they were so interested in cleaning up the Republican Party why did they not do it during Bushes time? No, they began their grass roots theme during the Obama election.

With the help of FoxNews - which is not a true news programing in the sense of journalistic thoughts - who fueled the forces into a frenzy fraught with lies and untruths. In addition to FoxNews, Sarah Palin come to the scene and spewed her falsehoods and lies that the fearful now angry people believed.

In the first two years of Obama presidency, he did not concentrate on the immediate problems, economy and jobs. Instead, he took on healthcare where it took one year to complete.

He caved in to the Republicans in healthcare concerning the public option, the Afghan war still continues, Guantanamo still exists, plus numerous other items that brought the Progressives frustration. While talk shows on both sides crucified Obama daily.

As fear turned to anger with the Republicans, and the anger grew with the Democrats, it set the stage for a volatile event,  the election. With fear you do not need the truth. The perpetrators just say anything and it is believed by the fearful. Death squads for granny were chanted from coast to coast, and believed!

 So the Right did not have to do too much to instill anger, after fear it comes easily. The Right did not have to give a platform for what they would do if elected. Just the same-o -same-o.
With anger in the Democrats their commitment to Obama had reduced itself down to apathy.  Many refused to vote. They were going to teach the Democratic leaders a lesson.
Their anger was ignored which was the problem in the first place. The Progressives felt betrayed, ignored, and dejected.

So, we had two groups of angry constituents, Democrats and Republicans. They Republicans won because of anger and their uncanny ability to band together and vote as one. Democrats lost because of anger and not sticking together. What have we learned from this situation?
If you want to win stick with your group no matter what.

I believe all politics are "personal" not "local," that idea was for the 50's when community mattered. Politics have become personal today because of the circumstances we find ourselves. Who today knows someone who has lost a job? Who has had their hours cut back? Or worst, who themselves have lost a job? People worry about taxes, Social Security, the economy in general and how it relates to their lives.

What can we Democrats do?

Not doubt about it, this is WAR. Yes, Mr. Obama the Republicans are the enemy, but not in the revolutionary sense. We are at war with their ideology. The Republicans are all in lock-step with each other and rest assured that is the manner to which they will vote.

Our party needs a voice, a bigger voice in the media, you know an equivalent to  Foxnews. Without it we are dead. Oprah, where are you? Build a news studio for the progressive movement. Please!

Then we must build an army of core, hard core progressives. They should target youth, the retirees, women, military, everyone. We should again use the Internet to go viral on any topics we choose especially public relations, because the White House has by far the worst PR in history.

Let us have another progressive march but not only Washington D. C. We need to have simultaneous marches in all the major cities. We need to show the Republicans when they say ... "the American people", they only mean Republicans. We have to show them our support of the president.

Lastly, Mr. Obama is a nice man, an intellectual, and truly caring human being. As my mother tells me, I am an intellectual, a nerd, and I have no common sense. (Even mothers can be wrong.) If I could grow a couple of balls you can. When Mr.  Banner shoves it up your ass are you not going to say anything until you feel it in your throat, Mr. Obama? I feel it in my throat. I have it up to here.
I am glad for one thing Nancy Pelosi was the only one with the fortitude to see all the bills through. Thank you Nancy.

And Glen Beck, eat me!     

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  1. if our prgressives wouldnt have stayed home yhis crap would not be happening